Surfing Big Waves: How To Prepare?

Man and woman wearing nautical apparel fastening surfboard

Surfing in the ocean waves is an exhilarating experience that many of us have only dreamed of. But it’s the way of life for some people as they surf for pleasure and enjoy the ultimate feeling of riding the giant Alaskan waves.

Mind-boggling power, raw beauty, and chilling danger — it’s all there. Hailed as a battleground for the surf gods, the Alaskan wilderness is home to a number of legendary big wave surf spots.

So, if you’re planning your trip to Alaska, one of the first things to cross your mind might be surfing itself.

So, what exactly do you need to prepare for such an adventure? Here’s what you can do:

1. Prepare well

Surfing at a high level requires not only physical preparation like nautical clothing, safety gear,  and surfboard practice but also mental preparation. Surfing big waves is an adventure that promises unforgettable emotions, but it also carries the risk of injury or worse. It’s necessary to be aware of the real capabilities and limitations of your own body and mind.

Preparation involves thinking ahead and being aware of every possible contingency. Before you hit the water, think about what would happen if you got knocked unconscious by a surfer crashing into you?


Man surfing under a big blue wave

Also, to surf big waves, you must first define what big means to you. For some, it might only be 6 feet (1.8 meters) high, while for others, it might be 10 feet (3 meters). The critical aspect is being able to identify how comfortable you are when in contact with water that is running fast.

2. Practice on smaller waves

Being able to control your surfboard on steep slopes or riding a tube or a barrel is often the result of having good athletic skills and the ability to react quickly in any situation.

It takes practice to master riding a wave from start to finish. To get there, you need to first learn how to surf small waves before moving on to bigger ones.

3. Be attentive

Surfing big Alaskan waves can be dangerous, and the ocean is even more unforgiving than the water in your local swimming pool. So it's best to prepare for these conditions before you're face-to-face with a big wave.

The most important thing to remember when surfing a big wave is that you're not just surfing the wave in front of you; you're surfing all of the waves that are behind it.

4. Choose surf-appropriate nautical clothing and gear

You're going to be moving fast, so you want to get as much of your gear on as possible before entering the water. You’ll also need to have a good wetsuit. Wetsuits are designed specifically for the conditions you'll be in, so they should keep you warm and dry even in the worst conditions.

Depending on the kind of wave you’re riding, you need to think tanks, leashes, extra safety equipment, bigger and more stable boards, buoyancy aids, safety goggles, Alaskan hoodies, neoprene boots, and sunglasses.

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