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Few clothing items are as beloved as a hoodie. Considered to be a must-have item, a hoodie is a winter staple. We all have our favorite hoodie that we just cannot get enough of. Now imagine if you were to give your wardrobe an upgrade with a comfy and trendy hoodie inspired by the ocean.

Our fishing hoodies are here to do just that.  We’ve taken the humble yet oh-so-important hoodie and given it a sea-themed makeover. Our fishing hoodies sport stunning artwork by a talented designer and showcase striking prints that emphasize the different elements of the sea.

Moreover, our fishing hoodies feature designs that help you connect with the earth’s gift to us. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been around the ocean just a handful of times or plan a trip every few weeks. Our fishing hoodies play with the customers’ imaginations, helping them envision the beauty of the big blue sea. They reflect the mystery and glamour the water body holds for us all, and accurately translate our passion for the sea. It’s not just the eye-catching designs that set our hoodies apart, though. Each piece is crafted for comfort and is made using high-quality fabric and technique. Put one on and you’ll have an instant new favorite hoodie!

At Lost on Land Found at Sea, we’ve realized that the sea is our life’s calling and we take great pride in sharing our passion. Our modern apparel brand has been founded by a group of Alaskan fishermen who brave the waters frequently. This is the inspiration behind our esteemed fishing hoodie designs as well. We’ve designed our products to help you stay comfortable and look your best whether you’re on a sea voyage or chilling at home. We also welcome artwork ideas for future designs!

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping online with us today!

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