About us


      We are a group of commercial fishermen up in Alaska. We brave the relentless seas, year after year, to continue to bring wild-caught Alaskan crab to your dinner table. This is not only a job, but a lifestyle. We risk it all every year, not only for a paycheck, but because it is what we do best. There is no bigger thrill than being in rough waters, hauling in pots full of delectable crab. We do it because it is our life's calling. Each season, the sea calls us back, almost as if she misses our presence, and each season we answer her call!

      We are forever grateful to the sea, for all that she provides us with. In this spirit, we wanted to create a brand that reflects our deep love for the sea, and all the beautiful chaos that she holds. We wanted to create a brand for the people like us, who feel most at home, when looking out at the vast, open water. Lost on Land Found at Sea speaks to all tumultuous nature of the 'real world', and emphasizes the importance of connecting back with the natural world. The ocean covers a staggering 70% of the Earth's surface. Our brand focuses on paying homage to the fact that the sea continues to give us her gifts, year after year, without asking for anything in return.