Who We Are

Lost On Land Found At Sea isn’t your average apparel store. Our team comprises a group of commercial fishermen up based in Alaska who strive to promote the aquamarine industry. Year after year, our veteran fishermen brave the sea to bring fresh seafood to the world’s dinner table. We’re especially proud to present wild-caught Alaskan crab to the harbor and help it find its way to your home.

Having said that, fishing isn’t all that we do. Our team Lost On Land Found At Sea doesn’t see journeying to the deep blue sea as a job. For us, this is a lifestyle. We’re not just fishing to get a paycheck every month, but because this is something we thoroughly enjoy and excel at.

Take it from those who’ve spent more time at sea than away from it; there’s no greater thrill than embracing the relentless water body and familiarizing yourself with the surroundings. We’re forever grateful for everything the sea has to offer us, whether it’s delectable seafood, an unmatchable sense of adventure, or the free-spiritedness that comes with chartering the waters. No, for us, this is much more than a seasonal job. It is our calling, and we take great pride in honoring it in all possible ways we can.

Our experiences at sea and the passion we have for it is what’s led to the birth of our Alaskan clothing store.

What We Offer

Lost On Land Found At Sea is an Alaskan clothing brand that caters to individuals who love the sea just as much as we do. It’s a place for you to shop for apparel that can be worn both at sea as well as when you’re away from it. We pay special attention to your enthusiasm for the open water, and aim to emphasize the importance of connecting back with the natural world via our designs. Through our fisherman apparel, we aim to pay homage to the sea that continues to shower us with blessings without asking for anything in return.

At our store, you’ll find the trendiest and comfiest ocean-centric clothing out there. Whether you’re planning a fishing trip with your friends, going kayaking and cliff diving on the weekend, have a crabbing cruise lined up, or just want to hit the beach, we’ve got you covered. We promise you soft, breathable fabric and cool designs for each of our products!

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