How To Plan The Perfect Beach Trip: Alaska Edition

Man in orange shorts standing near the shore

Tired of spending your downtime toiling in a cubicle or even just working from home?

Get up and take a trip!

Whether you have plenty of time on your hands or need something to do this weekend, visiting the beach is always a great option, especially if you’re in Alaska! Alaska has a stunning coastline, complete with awe-inspiring views, vibrant wildlife, and tempting beaches.

So what exactly is the best way to take a beach trip to Alaska?

The answer to that question is subjective because recreation opportunities abound in this huge state. Here are a few suggestions to make your beach trip in Alaska truly memorable.


1. Pick a destination

Many of Alaska's small coastal towns are home to gorgeous — and relatively uncrowded — beaches. You can find a beach just about anywhere on the coast, but some of the best places for a beach vacation include Seward, Homer, Yakutat, Point Baker/Port Protection, Kodiak Island, and Sitka.

Keep in mind that there are two basic types of beaches in Alaska — sand and gravel.

  • The sand beaches are usually in more protected areas, like bays and estuaries. Hence, it’s best to wear summery Alaskan beach clothingand flip-flops when visiting them.
  • The gravel beaches tend to be on the open coast or islands in the South, so carry plenty of water and a light-weightsea-fishing hoodie to keep you warm during cool summer nights on the beach and cover up sunburns when needed.

2. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

The sun's rays are strong in Alaska, and the sand reflects them at you. You can get sunburned on a cloudy day at the beach here, so bring sunscreen and sunglasses with UV protection.

Similarly, a high-neck tank top from our affordable beach clothing options online offers sun protection for your neck and chest without restricting movement or feeling hot or heavy — unlike long sleeves or high collars made from traditional synthetic materials.

3. Choose your activities

Man riding on a gray kayak


Anchorage and Fairbanks may be your best bets for sunbathing on a sandy beach under warm summer skies. Both have white sand beaches along picturesque rivers and lakes that are also great for swimming or kayaking if you’ve good quality t-shirts and appropriate beach clothing like tank-tops to pair — plus all the amenities and attractions that come with big cities.

For great fishing and surfing opportunities, the Kenai Peninsula is a popular tourist spot known for its stunning views and outdoor activities. At the same time, the Long Beach Bar is also no exception. The beach itself is a great place to catch sunsets or fish if you have the right Alaskan fishing apparel and gear.

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