How to Prepare for a Boating Journey

A boating experience

Let’s be honest: the quarantine hasn’t been great for our social lives and mental health. We all want to step out for a while and let the fresh breeze run through our hair. Planning a boat trip with your close ones sounds like a safe and enjoyable option.

Here is how you can prepare for the big day:

Always check the weather

The sea can get just as rough and scary as it can be calm. You need to be prepared for both situations. Although boating is a very low-risk activity, you don’t want all the fun to come to a halt abruptly. Spend some time reading about boating safety before your boat shoves off the dock.

Don’t underestimate the impact of weather on boating. Keep on checking the forecasts every now and then and look out for any chances of breezes or thunderstorms. If the boating conditions aren’t good, you can always wait it out for a better opportunity.

Decide your activities

Once you’ve planned out your safety, the next step is to plan the fun activities. If you’re hosting the boat party, you’d need to make sure your friends and guests have a great time onboard. Think of activities that the entire family will enjoy so no one feels left out. Discuss the guests around your dinner table a few days in advance to gather everyone’s opinion.

A boating experience

Buy your accessories

Once the gang has decided on what they plan to do onboard, you’d need to stock up on your supplies accordingly. A good compass, GPS plotter, depth finder, pair of binoculars, tool kit, and a nautical chart will make a great investment.

If you’re planning on cruising offshore, you’d need to upgrade the kit and get a radar, searchlight, life rafts, and man overboard recovery systems. If you’re planning on diving or snorkeling, it helps to get your own mask.

Prepare for motion sickness

You would also want to prepare for any potential cases of motion sickness. Individuals with iron stomachs are more likely to deal with motion sickness especially if the weather is windy. Speak with your doctor and ask them to prescribe you an OTC medicine that works for you and doesn’t make you feel sleepy.

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