How to Make Your Laundry Last Longer at Sea

 A sea expedition in Alaska

Spending your next weekend in the middle of the sea sounds fascinating and exciting. There is nothing more pleasurable than riding the waves with a bunch of people that you truly love and enjoying chilly sea breezes.

Here are a few tips to help you sort out the laundry:

Carry a complete range!

When heading for a sea expedition, less is never more. Don’t hesitate to go all out and pack as much as you can. You’ll probably be taking tons of pictures and videos for the memories.

You want to look nicely dressed in each of the pictures. Speak to the cabin crew about the luggage constraints and pack accordingly but don’t let anyone tell you that you need to hold yourself back.

You’ll also want to shop for some cool nautical-themed attire. Anything with a cool nautical slogan will make you stand out from everyone else on board. Even your pictures will totally pop and turn out to be insta-worthy! Do it for the gram. You won’t regret it.

A sea expedition in Alaska

Buy tank tops and t-shirts

The sea winds can often get very rough and carry a lot of debris with them. Wear a tank top and layer it up with a jacket or an overshirt to avoid it from getting too dirty. The inner tank top will keep you warm and will be safe from any contaminants or sea dust that may come its way.

Besides, layering up will also keep you warm. The sea breeze can get very cold in the evening. A good quality sweatshirt will not only keep your innerwear clean but also give your body the warmth that it needs.

Get your washing supplies on board

Before you come on board, it makes sense to ask the cabin crew about their washing arrangements. A good sea expedition service should be able to provide you with a dry-cleaning or washing facility onboard. If they don’t have one, it makes sense to invest in a portable, small, hand-operated washing machine.

It doesn’t need any power outlets and washes out the dirtiest laundry in a maximum of two minutes. It’s very gentle on clothes and definitely won’t ruin your delicate Lost on Land Found at Sea apparel. Your sweatshirt will look new and fresh as ever for a longer time!

We have some good news for sea lovers who have already planned their next sea getaway! Lost on Land Found at Sea is your go-to online store for all things nautical.

Take a look at our collection of nautical clothing on the website! Now that you have your laundry woes sorted, invest in some quality clothing to set the mood. As a brand, we want to pay our homage to the sea in return for all that it does for us.

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