The Non-Alaskan’s Gift Guide

a scenic lake in Alaska

Who says you need to be Alaskan to know something about the Alaskan lifestyle?

You could just be a last-minute shopper needing to find something for the person who has everything, or you might not be an Alaskan and just arrived in the wintry, northernmost state and are in need of some goodies — whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered.

This non-Alaskans gift guide promises to cover the most basic needs of the Alaskan lifestyle all the way up to some extras, including good-quality Alaskan clothing, camping gear, hunting and fishing apparel and supplies.

1. A good beanie

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. And there’s no way to prepare for the winter in Alaska without some good beanies. These will help keep your head warm no matter how cold it gets outside.

2. A warm jacket or an Alaskan hoodie

Alaska is cold, with lots of long nights that need to be filled with Netflix, warm drinks and comfy clothing. Hence, any Alaskan will appreciate a locally made t-shirt or hoodie.

This gift is perfect for anyone who wants to go outside and have fun without feeling like an ice cube. Make sure to pick one that fits well, so it doesn't come off with every gust of wind that comes through town.

Men’s Alaskan hoodie from a clothing store

You can find cool designs at Lost On Land Found At Sea, a popular clothing store in Alaska.

3. A great pair of snow boots

Nothing beats a good pair of snow boots when you're slogging through slush. You'll need to find something that's waterproof, warm and has good traction to gifts for those icy days at work or school. Get something with a high-traction rubber outsole so your loved one won't slip on their next outing.

4. Fishing & Kayaking Gear

If you’re not familiar with Alaska’s numerous fisheries, you might be surprised to learn that this state is home to some of the best commercial fisheries in all of the United States. Alaska has a lot of potential for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoorsy folks who visit this beautiful state. There’s also plenty of hunting and fishing gear and apparel to purchase for your friends if they plan to visit Alaska anytime soon.

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