How to Become One with the Ocean in 2022

 A girl paddling a kayak towards mountains in the ocean

If you’re a sea lover, you probably find the declining state of natural water reserves highly distressing.

Our oceans are deteriorating, and that’s not a secret to anyone. The sea does so much for us that it’s hard not to feel a special connection to it. While some appreciate the ocean for being a source of food for humans, others appreciate it for being a source of serenity.

There are very few things quite as calming as the sea. If you’re looking to incorporate that calmness into your life this year, here are a few easy yet effective ways to do it.

1. Go On Kayaking Trips

Kayaking is a little more on the labor-intensive side of ocean activities, but it’s the best way to explore the deep waters right on the surface. Kayaks are easy to find, too, so if you’re more inclined towards a solo kayaking trip as opposed to a group trip, you can just go on your own. Make sure to plan your kayaking trip properly! Research the best spots for it, wear warm nautical/fishing clothing if you’re in a cold state, and pack all the essential items you’ll need.

2. Camp by the Shore

If paddling away for hours isn’t your cup of tea, you can simply camp on the shore instead! Camping trips will never stop being fun despite your age. So, grab some tents, sleeping bags, warm hoodies and sweatshirts, and set up camp at a safe and stunning location in your vicinity. If there aren’t any sea camping spots in your area, go and visit the stunning beaches of Alaska!

3. Go On Fishing Excursions

Many people don’t consider fishing to be a sustainable activity, but there are ways to ethically fish in the ocean. You can go on fishing excursions with experienced fishermen, and learn how to source the best seafood. Fishing is also an activity you can do in the summer and winter, so the fishing apparel you’ll have to wear would be the least of your problems.

4. Incorporate Oceanic Accessories

People who don’t live around any beaches can still be sea lovers! For those people, the best way to embrace their love for the sea is by incorporating some oceanic accessories into their lives. You can easily buy nautical hoodies, fishing tank tops, mermaid mugs, nautical tote bags, and other accessories online!

White Mermaid sweatshirt by Lost on Land Found at Sea

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