4 Things to Gift Your Non-Alaskan Friends

A monument board reading “Welcome to Alaska”

Alaska might not have a huge residential population, but the northern state still attracts thousands of tourists every year.

With millions of dollars generated in tourism revenue, Alaska’s incredible attractions continue to stand out among all others in the nation. Fishing sites, giant glaciers, magnificent mountains, and frosty beaches — the state has so much to offer that you won’t find elsewhere in the country.

For natives and residents, these attractions become normal at some point. But those who only know Alaska as a tourist destination are in for a treat! Surprise your non-Alaskan friends this year by gifting them one of these unique gifts.

1. Fishing & Kayaking Gear

There’s no better way to spend time near Alaska’s stunning beaches than going on a kayaking trip. For those who prefer a less labor-intensive pastime, fishing is always a fun choice. Alaska is home to some of the best commercial fisheries in all of the United States, so why not gift your non-Alaskan friends some fishing and kayaking gear for their visits to the frosty state? You can gift them fishing rods, kayaks, nets, etc.

2. Nautical Apparel

If your friends can’t go experience the fishing community in Alaska, take the Alaskan fishing community to them! You can gift some high-quality nautical apparel featuring fishing and mermaid designs to your non-Alaskan friends. They’ll be unlikely to find such unique oceanic designs on men and women’s clothing elsewhere in the country. Depending on where your friends live, you can choose from nautical hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, or even tank tops.

3. Oceanic Accessories

Alaska’s most popular regions, Anchorage and Kodiak, are known for their stunning natural landscapes. You can give your non-Alaskan friends a taste of the Alaskan atmosphere by gifting them some ocean-themed accessories. These accessories can include mermaid mugs, nautical bags, fishing stickers, and even oceanic magnets. By decorating their living spaces with these Alaskan accessories, your friends will get a sense of what living in the actual state is like.

4. Native Alaskan Artwork

Alaska has a rich cultural history, thanks to the natives that first inhabited it. The indigenous peoples of Alaska have given the region a beautiful identity that can be reflected in a lot of its artwork. You can gift native Alaskan artwork like paintings, sculptures, figurines, and embroidered clothes to your non-Alaskan friends as a way to celebrate Alaska’s history.

 Gold Skeleton Bering Sea hooded sweatshirt by Lost on Land

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