Kayaking Essentials for Beginners: Alaska Edition

 Two women kayaking at sunset

Very few activities humans can do in the ocean are as exciting as kayaking!

Besides just being fun, kayaking is also the closest you can get to exploring the sea without diving into it. The fact that kayaking helps you get closer to nature while also working your muscles makes it a paddle sport that millions of Americans participate in every year.

There’s no better state to kayak in than Alaska. With its stunning beaches, glaciers, and ocean life, the northern state is an ideal destination for your fishing and kayaking trips. If you plan on kayaking in Alaska soon, make sure to check out these essentials!

1. Kayaking Gear

Kayaks and paddles aside, you might need other kayaking gear on your trip too. You’ll need additional kayaking accessories like paddle leashes to avoid losing your paddles, bilge pumps to remove bilge water from your kayak, and some other protective gear (discussed below). If you plan on fishing during your kayaking excursions, then carry the necessary fishing gear and fishing apparel with you, too.

2. Weather Safety

Alaska is a cold state, which means that you’ll likely be kayaking in icy and snowy waters. So, make sure to keep weather-appropriate safety gear with you. Protect yourself by wearing woolen hats, waterproof outerwear, durable footwear, and nautical accessories. You can also carry small heating devices like hand-warmers. Make sure to carry a dry bag that contains necessary items, too.

3. Appropriate Clothing

The most important part of kayaking in Alaska is dressing appropriately for the excursion. You should invest in some high-quality nautical hoodies and sweatshirts to wear during your trip. Wearing warm and insulating kayaking apparel is crucial in protecting you against the harsh Alaskan ocean winds.

4. Protective Accessories

Despite the type of outdoor excursion you’re about to embark on, you should always keep a first aid kit with you. Kayaking accidents are common and almost always unexpected. So, carry a marine safety kit, necessary medicines, a spare change of clothes, spare paddles, waterproof phone cases, and any other nautical accessory you think would help.

5. Refreshments

Lastly, don’t ignore your body’s need for food when you’re out kayaking. Since kayaking is labor-intensive, you’ll likely build up quite an appetite after a while. For this reason, you should pack lunch or snacks and carry plenty of water on your excursion. Dehydration is the last thing you want to deal with when you’re paddling about!


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