The 4 Must-See Glaciers In Alaska

A glacier breaking

One of the most popular reasons to visit Alaska is the glaciers. They cover over 34,000 sq. miles. There are several ways to visit these glaciers. Some can be visited via cruises, while others can be driven to. You can also take public transport to some of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your Alaskan gear and head to the following glaciers:

1.    The Hubbard Glacier

The biggest tidal glacier in the US, the Hubbard glacier, is enormous to see. It stretches for over 74 miles, and it often breaks off the terminus of smaller icebergs due to its enormous size and very active state. The glacier can be seen in Disenchantment Bay.

Interestingly, the Hubbard Glacier has continued to grow over the years, even as other glaciers have gotten smaller due to global warming.

2.    Matanuska Glacier

If you would rather take a road trip with your family and are willing to spend a few hours reaching the destination, then this is the one you should visit. The glacier rests around 82 miles from Anchorage, and you could make a day of it with your family, eventually stopping at Valdez.

The glacier is particularly attractive because it can be walked on during the right season. That would add a notch in your belt as far as vacations are concerned. The entrance fee is around $30 per person, and you should be wearing proper Alaskan apparel along with high-quality hiking boots.

3.    Mendenhall Glacier

If you're in Alaska without a car and do not want to spring for heavy traveling fees, then this is one that you will have easy access to. You'll be able to find several tour buses that would take you to this glacier.

The glacier is in Auke Bay and is probably among the most well-known glaciers of Alaska. Once the bus drops you off, getting to the actual glacier is a little challenging. However, you can hire help, take a kayaking tour, or even take a full-day trek towards it.

4.    Exit Glacier

Staying on with the theme of easy accessibility, there's Exit Glacier, North of Seward. If you have a large group of family and friends with you, this glacier will allow everyone to have their fill of fun while also remaining affordable.

While you cannot view it from the visitor’s area, there’s an easy paved path that you can take to see it. Not only will that path allow for the entire family to hang out and enjoy a walk in the cool weather, but it's also accessible for wheelchairs, which means that your differently-abled friends and family can view it too.

Just make sure to be wearing high-quality apparel from an Alaskan clothing shop because the closer you get to the foot of the glacier, the colder it'll get.

Glacier Bay in Alaska

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