The 3 Best Water Sports You Need To Participate In When In Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is amongst the most popular places to go to for watersports. The state has over 3 million lakes, and its cold weather allows for a lot of versatility in the type of sports available.

These are some of the best sports you can partake in during your trip to Alaska:

1.    Kayaking

Kayaking is a top-favorite for tourists. Imagine getting up early in the morning, putting on your best Alaskan gear, and heading off to a nearby water body with friends and family to go kayaking.

Level up your kayaking adventure by taking the kayak to glacial areas to witness some of the most beautiful scenery in Alaska. It should be noted that going through these areas by yourself isn’t safe, and you should hire a guide to take you safely through the waters.

Other expenses for the trip include the cost of the kayak and the transportation to the location. Some of the areas where you can kayak include:

  • The Eklutna Lake
  • Sitka Harbor
  • Kenai Fjord
  • Prince William Sound

2.    Canoeing

While there are some similarities between canoeing and kayaking, there are also differences between the two, which are:

  • Canoes are heavier, so it’ll be easier to move them and they’re more stable. If you tend to get motion sickness, then canoes are a better option.
  • A canoe offers more freedom and space for the passengers to move, making the trip more comfortable.
  • A canoe takes more effort to row, but it also allows for more passengers so that the responsibility can be divided amongst everyone.
  • In a stable water body, a canoe will keep you dryer than a kayak.
  • Canoes have more space, allowing people to carry more items and take longer trips.


As long as you wear suitable nautical clothing and follow the instructions, you’ll be fine in both. Some of the best canoeing destinations include the Mendenhall Glacier, Yukon Island, and Nancy Lake.

3.    Rafting

Rafting is more of an intense watersport that allows for team-building. You navigate an inflated raft downstream and take in the sights of Alaska.

Whitewater rafting in Alaska does contain some risk, as it goes over some of the dangerous areas of a river. However, with high-quality Alaskan gear and the right guidance, you’ll definitely end up having the adventure of a lifetime.

Rafting allows you to witness the diverse wildlife of Alaska, and you get to view sights such as Copper River, the Denali National Park, and Talkeetna. It gives you a more in-depth adventure at a fraction of the cost of an air trip or a safari.

A group of people rafting


If you’ve decided to enjoy these watersports during your time in Alaska, then you’re going to need high-quality Alaskan clothing to keep you warm, comfortable, and safe. Visit our Alaskan clothing store, Lost on Land Found at Sea to purchase nautical clothing including sweatshirts and hoodies.

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