Fishing in the River Versus the Sea: What’s the Difference?

Sea fishing and river fishing might not be as different as sea and river fish, but they’re different regardless. We know that fishing seems like an activity that should be very straightforward, but it really isn’t. For first-timers specifically, it is difficult and can get a little frustrating to get around. Many times, this is because you are applying the wrong technique for the wrong kind of fishing.

There’s just so much that’s different: the fish, the tide, the depth, the flow—and more.

Fishing in Rivers—and Lakes

We have coupled these two together because fishing in a river isn’t all that different from fishing in a lake. Both are massive bodies of water, yes, but considerably smaller than the sea, so you can get to catch more easily. You don’t have to go much farther out into the water to be able to find game, as you would in the ocean.

One of the things that you will face when fishing in a river, as opposed to when fishing in a lake or the sea, is the water movement. In a river, water is constantly moving—and sometimes at great speeds. These currents can be very dangerous if you aren’t experienced. However, if you are out fishing in a river that has a damn built nearby, the current will be considerably reduced in strength, and you can fish at ease.

  a fish on a line in Alaska

Filename: fish-hook-alaska

Alt text: a fish on a line in Alaska

Tip: Go to the backwaters. We know it’s tempting to fish in the main channel, but it’s in the backwaters where you will find the best (and most eligible) catch. For one, catching fish in the main channel isn’t as easy as you think.

Of course, lakes are easier because they are calmer. Rivers, however, have better fish and offer a more exhilarating adventure.

Sea Fishing

It goes without saying that sea fishing requires you to venture out in a boat. You can’t just go out on a beach and end up with a catch—because seas and oceans don’t work that way. The costs of sea fishing, therefore, are extremely high. Unless you already own a fishing boat, you will need to either buy or rent one. You will also need sea fishing gear and equipment, especially if you plan on catching something big or something that lives deep down. Think Jaws without the sharks—although shark fin soup is quite the delicacy in some parts of the world.

What we’re trying to say is: you’re going to need a (bigger) boat.

Get Yourself a Nautical Gear

Before you head out to sea or to a river or lake, make sure you have the right apparel and accessories on you. Fishing is, after all, an adventure. Choose your gear from the online collection offered by Lost on Land Found at Sea. We have hoodies, tank tops, and a lot more!

As commercial fishermen and sea lovers in Alaska, we know how much heart seamen put into their passion—and we help them by providing the right things.

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