Essentials of an Alaskan Winter Wardrobe

A girl clad in winter clothing in Alaska

Snow blanketed mountains, the aurora dancing above the icy, cold fields, and the magnificent winter views—yes, we're talking about Alaska.

If you're planning to embark on an Alaskan trip, you need layer up and stay warm to comfortably enjoy the magical Alaskan winter.

Let’s dig deeper and find out which clothing items are a must in the snow-packed region:

1. Layering Essentials

First and foremost, adequate layering is vital to stay comfortable during frigid Alaskan days. Here's a short guide to layering properly:

Inner Layer

 Tourists strolling during a sunny Alaskan winter day

Choose a light to mid-thickness base layer to keep your body sweat-free. It's essential to stay dry and not over-heat your body. Don’t opt for cotton as it locks in moisture and is ineffective in blocking the cold breeze. And make sure to wear a base top and a bottom for maximum coverage.

Insulation Layer

Wearing an insulating layerabove the base layer does wonders. Since several layers can feel cumbersome and restrict mobility, opt for a good quality insulating layer that is warmer, thinner, and effective than multiple coatings.

You can adjust the number of your insulation apparel according to your activity level and the weather intensity on a specific day.

Outer Layer

Finally, complete your look with a ski parka or nylon outerwear that fits and snuggles your insulation coat. Alaskans love to wear waterproof downhill ski pants for maximum effectiveness. They're easily wearable, don't require adjustments for boots, and often feature an additional insulating layer to provide sufficient warmth.

Moreover, women love doting winter skirts that come with a zipper on the side. It allows easy adjustment and wrapping to fit the outerwear.

Long Underwear

We know this one doesn't sound appealing at all but wearing long underwear is an essential component of the Alaskan winter outfit. You can go from feeling miserable and freezing to very comfy and warm just by adding a pair of effective undergarments. Choose a lightweight fabric to ensure that it stays dry and warm.

Winter boots

A sturdy pair of stylish yet versatile boots is an absolute essential. Whether you plan to enjoy the winter wonderland or hit a snowy trek, you need to have a functional pair of good-quality boots. Go for boots with Gore-Tex or another type of waterproof interior that’ll keep your socks dry and warm.

In addition, don’t forget to take fuzzy socks, a pair of sunglasses, and a strong SPF sunscreen to prevent skin dryness and damage.

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