7 Tips for Visiting the Glacier National Park

A trip to the Glacier National Park comes packed with many exciting adventures every nature lover will enjoy. Hiking, rafting, camping, and most favorite of all, fishing, are among the many activities you can enjoy here. This park is a picturesque destination filled with natural wonders that can take more than a week to discover. Here are a few tips from the local explorers that can help you make the most out of your visit to The Glacier National Park.   

1. Plan a Week-Long Visit

The park has enough adventurous activities to fill an entire week of vacation. Plan a stay for multiple nights at the East Glacier and the West Glacier. A variety of accommodative lodging choices are available for visitors from all around the country. For an extended trip, you can bring along your passport on the trip and visit our Canadian neighbors across the border.

2. Bring a Vehicle

No matter how much you enjoy hiking, the vastness of the Glacier National Park can tire anyone after a few hours. Although shuttles are available in the park, bringing your own car will let you travel to the best spots much more easily. Especially if you are running on a tight schedule, bringing a vehicle will save you a lot of waiting time.

3. Buy Fishing Gear Ahead of Time

You can save yourself quite a lot on commercial fishing gear costs by purchasing it ahead of your trip. Look for affordable commercial Fishing gear online and fish at your own convenience, instead of waiting for your turn at the park’s fishing gear rentals.


4. Make an Itinerary

Map out your journey through the park for each day in advance. The traffic in the park might force you to change your initial plans. Having a list of activities decided for the day will offer you a chance to maximize the fun each day.  

5. Keep your Distance from Wildlife

Do not risk your life in an attempt to take a good picture of the wildlife in the park. The danger from bears, wolverines, and wildcats is obvious, but the wild sheep and goats in the park are not safe to pet either.

6. Visit during the Wildflower Season

Beautiful wildflowers cover much of the grassy hills of the park during the first three weeks of July most years. The period of blossom for these flowers might change each year depending on the snow and rain situation. This is why you should do your research about the weather before planning your visit.

7. Shop for Food Supplies

Get your food supplies from the local grocery stores in Columbia Falls or Whitefish, so you have a variety of snacks and food items to eat on your trip.

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