5 Incredible Water Sports You’ve Never Heard About


A man waterboarding in water


Water sports are every ocean lover’s dream. The thrill that comes with it is truly unmatched. They’re fun, engaging, and challenging. If you have already tried some of the traditional water sports, maybe it’s time to try some of the new ones. Here’s a list of five must-try, never heard water sports.

Sub Biking

Have you ever thought about biking underwater? Just imagine yourself pedaling around fish on your motorbike. Sub biking is a very exciting sport and can be truly amazing. It’s like underwater diving, but you don’t have to swim, you can ride a cool sub bike instead.

These scooters take you about 15 feet deep and through the beautiful sea life and colorful coral reefs. These scooters are totally safe and can go up to 2.5 knots with a battery life of 1.5 hours, and you don’t require any type of scuba diving or snorkeling experience for it.

Water Disking

This is a lot like water skiing, but is it? Well, it may look like it, but the experience is totally different. The concept is the same. You stand on an object while a boat tows you away, but instead of the object being a ski or a waterboard, it’s a disc. Well, then what’s so different about it?

Balancing on a ski or a water board is way easier than balancing on an inflatable disc. This is way more challenging than your usual water skiing. If you don’t agree, you should try it for yourself.

Hydro Biking

Cycling on water can be really entertaining and relaxing. This is the best sport for you if you’re more into quiet and calm water activities. It’s a completely new experience and something definitely worth trying. Just imagine cycling on water as the waves hit your bike; wouldn’t that be fun?

These bikes have 10-foot catamaran floats and pedal-driven propellers to help you scoot over water. They have a great balance and can easily keep you afloat. As there’s absolutely no risk in this activity, you might want to try this with your kids.

Kite Surfing

Although this isn’t exactly something new, a lot of water lovers are totally clueless as to what it is. Kite surfing is an extreme water sport where the surfer is pulled by a kite in air, as they surf on water. It’s a combination of skateboarding, surfing, and paragliding. If you enjoy all the three, you’re in for a treat.


As the name implies, bellyaking is like kayaking but with you on your belly on a bellyak paddling with your hands in the water. This can be really tiring as you don’t just have to maintain your balance on the bellyak but also need to paddle yourself. But no matter how tiring it is, it guarantees a unique experience and a lot of fun.

If you’re planning to go on a trip to enjoy these water activities, make sure to pack well. Although there isn’t a dress code for these sports, you might want to wear something light like nautical clothes. If you want to buy some really cool clothes for your trip, visit Lost on Land Found at Sea. We’re an Alaskan clothing store with one of the best nautical clothing for men. To view our collection, visit our website.

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