4 Tips to Throw Your Sea-Lover Friend the Perfect Birthday Bash!

Woman sitting while holding balloons near the sea

Whether you’re a quirky and carefree kid or a busy working adult, everybody loves a themed party. It becomes easier to throw a mermaid party or an under the sea soiree with kids, but if your sea-loving friend wants something special, then what?  

If your friend craves for the ocean waves, desires the feeling of sand between their toes, wants to rock on some beach clothing or nautical clothing, and wants to move to the beat of the bongo drums, then what better way to celebrate their birthday than throwing them a sea-themed party.

A sea-themed party screams “good times”. If you can’t go to the ocean, bring the ocean to you. A creative party guarantees a fantastic time with the perfect playlist and a fantastic assortment of tropical drinks. Here are some tips to help get your creative juices flowing. Add young, dumb, and silly ideas while throwing your friend a fantastic birthday party.

Scheme Picking

The sea theme offers many options, so you can choose a color palette that fits the party’s mood. If your friend has more of a tropical vibe to them, then you can easily opt for a happy, lively night with bright turquoise, yellows, and pinks to create an enthusiastic tone. A color palette mimicking the tones of the sea, such as light blues, purples, and greens, would be appropriate for a more muted occasion, such as an afternoon birthday party.

Cocktail and Popsicle Drinks

There’s something relaxing and soothing about enjoying a cool drink. Make a fun DIY bar for your party guests with a mix of ingredients for your mocktails, fresh fruit juices, and cocktails. If you want to have an extravagant party and have the budget, hire a mixologist who’ll make the drinks. For a sea-themed experience, choose drinks with bright colors and decorate your drink area with sea-themed things like palm trees, sand dollars, and starfish.

People having drinks by the sea

For a creative twist on classic drinks, serve your cocktails chilled. Your selections are practically endless, with just a few essential ingredients and some popsicle molds. How about a mango Tai or a honeydew cucumber margarita Popsicle?

Look the Part

Make sure everyone knows to dress up in beach clothing or anything inspired by nautical apparel to look the part and blend in. You can also provide a dressing room for people at your location. You can also assist your guests by providing a trunk full of extra quality t-shirts and tank tops that scream SEA. Ask them to add certain accessories such as beach and sunhats, sunglasses, and umbrellas.

Sea Themed Sweets

Cupcakes are a popular choice for sea-themed parties. They are simple to serve and clean up. Add some crushed graham crackers on top of some cupcakes with the icing drizzling down. Voila! You have sand-dune-style cupcakes that you can top with a cute umbrella. Try a saltwater taffy buffet instead of cupcakes if you want to be more on theme.

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