3 Absolute Reasons to Visit Alaska for Glacier Sightseeing

A beautiful glacier in Alaska

The land of midnight sun—covered with snow for most part of the year—Alaska is home to over 27,000 glaciers. One of the most significant reasons for Alaska’s popularity is its stunning glaciers that spread across the ocean.

Alaska is the ultimate spot for glacier sightseeing, and summers are perfect to take a trip to this beautiful location. Also dubbed as the last frontier, Alaska has a wide landscape that stretches from staggering mountain ranges, wildlife, mining towns, and bustling towns to scenic sights.

From May to September, people from around the world visit Alaska to enjoy its beauty, especially the glaciers. The snow-capped peaks and all-ice formations make some of the most epic scenes that you shouldn’t miss.

A glacier tour in Alaska is a favorite activity among tourists. A day spent in glacier sightseeing in Alaska will leave you coming back for more.

Here are the top three reasons to visit Alaska this summer for a memorable glacier sightseeing trip.

Because You Just Don’t Wanna Miss It!

Did you know that the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska has more than one thousand tidewater and terrestrial glaciers? These ice blocks spread across the three million acre area of this enormous park. You don’t necessarily have to go several miles into the sea to spot a glacier in Alaska.

 A photographer taking pictures inside an Alaskan glacier

Image Filename: photographer-Alaska-glacier

Image Alt Text: A photographer taking pictures inside an Alaskan glacier

Visiting this iconic park will allow you to witness over thousands of years old glaciers that have massive ice preserve. You can enjoy the Glacier Bay on a cruise ship, a small boat, or even in a single person kayak. We recommend you to embark on a glacier sightseeing trip via sea as it’s one of the most satisfying yet exciting experiences.

It’s Alaska

Well, there’s no better way to tick off a bucket list destination like Alaska. Take a glacier sightseeing, fishing, or a sea kayaking trip to the nature’s spot for the most scenic summer ever!

The Wilderness & the Wildlife

Exploring glaciers in Alaska isn’t just about seeing ice capped mountains or ice blocks. As you cruise across the coast, you’ll come across exotic wildlife creatures and vegetation. From emerald forests, mountainous trees, and waterfalls to fjords, bears, moose, and caribou, you can spot ‘em all!

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