10 Alaskan Phrases to Know Before You Visit

Alaskans have their own vocabulary for the unique things in their homeland. Here are some terms and phrases that can help you feel more at Alaska.

1. Aurora Borealis

Mesmerizing northern lights across the night sky

You may have come across this term already. Aurora Borealis is commonly known as the northern lights. Be on the lookout for the Aurora forecast, so you can view them during your trip to Alaska.

1. Cheechako

Probably what you will be referred to as once you get to Alaska. A cheechako is someone who hasn’t yet spent an entire year in Alaska.

2. Sourdough

On the other hand, someone who has spent a long time in Alaska is known as sourdough. A cheechako is upgraded to a sourdough if they’ve spent a whole year in Alaska.

3. Break Up

We’re not talking about ending a relationship here. Alaskans refer to break up as early spring, as it causes ice to break up.

4. The Lower 48

You may hear this phrase a lot. The lower 48 refers to the 48 U.S. states that lie towards the Southeast of Alaska.

5. The Bush

If you hear someone say they’re heading to the bush, it means they are heading to the rural areas accompanied by mountains, wildlife, and rivers.

6. Forget-Me-Not

Alaska’s state flower is known as a forget-me-not. These tiny flowers are characterized by their bright blue petals around the yellow eye.

7. Dog Mushing

Dogs running on snow-covered ground

Alaska’s official state sport, alternatively known as sled dog racing. Dog mushing is also an important mode of transportation.

8. Snowmachine

Alaskans use the term snowmachine instead of snowmobiles. So don’t get confused when someone asks if you want to rent a snowmachine.

9. Kuspuk

You may come across this term when visiting the local clothing markets. A kuspuk is a coat or shirt made of heavy fabric.

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