Want some cool accessories for your nautical clothing? We’ve got plenty of goodies in store for you.

Lost on Land Found At Sea strives to create merchandise for sea lovers that they can use all year round. That’s right. You don’t need to be on a fishing expedition or on the beach to connect with nature. Our exclusive range of funky and minimalistic accessories is designed to express our love for the natural world and help our customers stay in touch with their adventurous side.

Our modern nautical accessories include a refreshing and eye-catching collection of plush blankets, stickers, mugs, tote bags, and fridge magnets. They stand out without coming off as gaudy or flamboyant, and are perfect for highlighting your love for the sea.

 Here’s a look at what we have in store:

Lost On Land Mugs

Our ceramic signature mugs are the perfect utensil for your morning coffee or evening tea. Take your mug along with you when you head out to the sea, or simply keep it in your kitchen and use it daily for your hot beverages. Our mugs are also microwave friendly, making them ideal for mug cakes and soups.

Square Stickers

Our classic square-style stickers come in crisp and minimal designs. They’re perfect for decorating notebooks, laptops, wardrobes, mirrors, bathroom cabinets, interior vision boards, and pretty much any indoor surface or object you want to amplify.


Our custom ocean-centric magnets adhere to any metallic surface, elevating them instantly. Use these to express your love for the sea by sticking them up on your fridge, kitchen appliances, or other metallic surfaces in your house.

Plush Blankets

Our plush blankets are packed with comfort and style. The skull-themed velveteen blanket is perfect for elevating your linen and adding some personality to your room. You can even snuggle under these blankets on a movie marathon or take it along on your next trip to the sea!

Tote Bags

Lost At Land Found At Sea promotes sustainability, and our tote bags aim to reduce the consumption of plastic bags. Take one along the next time you head out to the grocery store, the beach, or even on your next fishing trip!

 Let’s get shopping!

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